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Why Use A Dog Walker?

Dogs in the modern world don’t get the exercise or stimulation they need. Your backyard doesn’t have the sensitory diversity for your dog. They need exercise and mental stimulation. Regular walks will keep your dog healthy and out of trouble. Unfortunately, in the hectic world we live in we don’t always have the time needed to walk our pets or we have some sort of health issue. A bored dog can become destructive and overweight. A 30-minute walk 3 times per week can help reduce your dog’s weight by 15%. Each dog has different requirements, so we will discuss that when we meet, and what best suits your needs.

If you are away for a short period of time I can visit your pets at home. Some pets don’t like boarding and find it very stressful. I know personally as I have a cat that can’t cope with it. In situations like this I can visit your home once or twice a day and feed, walk and cuddle your pets. While I am at your home I can empty your letter box, take out the mail, along with feeding, water change and other odd jobs you may need to look after your pet. Safe with the knowledge I am fully insured, and police checked to boot.

Some dogs aren’t suitable for day care, they may find the constant social interaction too much or just prefer to hang out with their humans. That’s ok, some humans are introverts too. If you dog does dig day care, we can assist with a taxi there if required.

I am in the process of setting up the shop. Exciting times! I will be stocking Australian made and owned compostable poop bags, dog food and treats, bedding, ID tags, and street wise leads/ harness and collars that I can deliver to your home when I return your dog from their walk. Any questions please ask.

Dog walking and dog training is currently unregulated, I hope my personal experience along with my professional training will provide piece of mind that your pet is in safe hands. Punk Rock Pups is fully insured, DCSI police clearance, attending the Aspiring Trainer program at Canine Interaction and Holdfast Dog Centre and regularly participates in workshops and seminars to further their education with the current force free training methods. Punk Rock Pups is a Certified Dog Walker trained by Dogbiz