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Our Services

We are based in Western suburbs of Adelaide, however we will come to all areas. Drop us a line and let’s see what we can do. Anything can be arranged!

Initially I will organise a mutually agreeable time for a no obligation, free meet and greet. I will email you some forms to complete. During the meeting we can work out what best suits you and some questions about your pet. This initial meeting will provide you with the opportunity to ask me whatever questions you like.


We do not do group walks, the largest ever groups will be 4 dogs at a time. Group (i.e. with dog(s) belonging to a friend) are only by pre-arrangement, we do one household walks.  Walks are conducted between the hours of 10 am 4pm, Monday to Friday. Walks outside these hours can be arranged by appointment which may incur an additional fee. All walks include pick up and drop off, so your dog will be out of the house for more than 30 minutes minimum.

Your dog(s) must be de-sexed, microchipped, socialised with up to date id tag and council tag. You will also need to provide us with up to date vaccination or titre testing paperwork and current flea, tick, worm program.

Your dog(s) will be walked on leash fully supervised by a professional in an enclosed dog park or the beach. Your dog will not be let off lead for 4 weeks until we are sure they have good recall. If you request your dog not to be let off lead at any time we will not do this.

Weather Policy

We will not walk in extreme heat or heavy rains. If the weather is 35 or more as per the Bureau of Meteorology or it is raining heavily or stormy in your area we will not walk your dog for their well being.

In this case we will come to your home for enrichment activities and let animals out for a toilet stop. At arrangement we will walk dogs earlier or later in the day.

Our Packages

All walks/visit include

  • fresh water
  • alternative arrangements for weather such as enrichment games
  • air con/heated van
  • individual attention
  • dog(s) never left unattended
  • owner/emergency/vet contact details always on hand
  • dog(s) will always be harnessed attached or crated
  •  free treats if approved
  • our 100% attention and love
  • text message of what we got up to and a photo


  • $30 per dog 30 minute walk
  • $50 per dog 60 minute walk
  • $25 per dog 30 minute walk for 3 day’s a week or more booking
  • $45 Per dog 60 minute walk for 3 day’s a week or more booking
  • $50 for 2 dogs 30 minute walk from the same household or pre organised
  • $45 for 2 dogs 30 minute walk from the same household or pre organised

Home Visits

Maybe you have an elderly dog or convalescing dog that just needs a quick visit, bowl check, scratch and sniff outside and pee? We can help out.

  • $20 for a 30 min visit 1 pet
  • $30 for a 30 min visit 2 pets or more
  • $18 for a 30 min 2 visit’s 1 pet for 3 day’s a week or more booking
  • $35 for a 30 min 2 visit’s 2 pets for 3 day’s or more a week booking

Pet Taxi

Not enough time to drop off your pet to the groomer's or the vet? We can help out.

Pick up is usually around 8-11am and drop off is usually 4-6pm. If you require the taxi outside this service drop us a line and we will see what we can do. Prices per trip each way.

One way

  • 0-15 km $30
  • 15-25km $40

Both ways – round trip

  • 0-15 km $55
  • 15-25 km $75

Vet visit

When we stay with your pet, we charge dog walking price package.


We can't walk your cat! But they can be trained to walk on a leash! If you would like us to visit your cat during the day for a cuddle, litter scoop and bowl fill we can do that!

All visits include

  • fresh water
  • litter scoop
  • bowl fill
  • basic grooming
  • enrichment games
  • free treats if approved
  • our 100% attention and love
  • text message of what we got up to an a photo

Home visit

  • $20 for a 30 min visit 1 pet
  • $40 for a 30 min visit 2 pets or more
  • 2 or more visits per day

Please note

We do not offer pet sitting or house sitting but we can help you find a place suitable to your needs.

Bad behaviour is not tolerated such as aggression and excessive barking. If we feel your dog is not suitable for dog walking, we will speak to you and recommend a trainer or help you find one. All dog’s safety and wellbeing is our only concern.

In-case of emergency we will make all efforts to contact your vet first. If we are unable to get them, which is highly unlikely we will contact the emergency vet closest. You will be notified immediately.


Terms and Payment

  • Public Holidays incur a $20 surcharge, this may increase at peak times such as Christmas.
  • Weekends and out of hours incur a 25% surcharge.
  • Please pay 50% deposit at time of booking, remaining 50% before service. Invoices are issued monthly, via prior arrangement invoices maybe paid on a fortnightly basis. If a refund is required, please allow up to 7 days.
  • Payment can be made via PayPal, card facilities are available.
  • Please give 24-hour notice of cancellation due to sickness or deposit maybe lost and fees incurred.
  • If you require your walking schedule to be placed on hold for holidays or such please give minimum 2 weeks notice or fees maybe incurred.
  • Pensioner/ Senior Card Holder 10% discount.
  • Travel fees may apply outside of the service area