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Head Puppy Wrangler is Sarah, nice to meet you!


I have been involved with animal rescue for over 20 years where I began handling cats helping them become used to human interaction ready for adoption over 20 years ago. In 2011 I started my journey in breed specific rescue, I started with pugs and moved onto chihuahua’s, gosh I love them, and our logo is my rescue pug cross foxie Wanda. I can't sleep without her snorting in my ear. I fostered strays, surrendered dogs and helped rehabilitate many puppy farm girls, who had lead a very sad life learn about what being a spoilt dog was, with the assistance of my guy Rusty. My work in breed specific rescue has been with small dogs.

I learnt a lot with my rescue guys that's for sure. But I realised it was necessary to get some formal training and experience. I love animals but it’s is just not enough, I need the formal experience so you feel comfortable trusting me with your beloved pets.

I am member of the Pet Professional guild of Australia or the PPGA. The PPGA is a membership organisation representing pet industry professionals, such as dog trainers, vet beviourists, groomers and students who are committed to results based, science-based force-free training and pet care. Pet Professional Guild Australia Members Understand Force-Free to mean: No Shock, No Pain, No Choke, No Fear, No Physical Force, No Compulsion Based Methods are employed to train or care for a pet. As a pet owner you can join for free and access many valuable resources.

During dog walks I will reinforce training methods I am currently learning.

Canine Behavioural School or CBS kindly took me on as Aspiring Trainer, where I recently finished. CBS is a not for profit positive reinforcement dog training school, they use modern dog training techniques based on the results of research which clearly indicates that positive reinforcement training methods are the most successful when correctly applied. Many of the instructors at CBS are accredited, professional dog trainers and members of the Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA).

I have now been adopted by the Molloy Mob now, I am an Aspiring Instructor at Canine Interaction and Holdfast Dog Centre, volunteering in day-care and puppy school. Canine Interaction and Holdfast Dog Centre are dedicated to sharing knowledge and understanding acquired at seminars and conferences regarding the latest scientific research into behaviour and training. They are full members of the Pet Professional Guild of Australia and Association of Pet Dog Trainers. They fully support Force Free, Positive Reinforcement dog training philosophies. These are taught in class, also to their own dogs and dog day-care clients. Currently I have put my aspiring trainer education on hold to concentrate on my dog walking business.

I have completed the Dogbiz Dog Walking Academy, Certificate in Professional Dog Walking. During this course we covered body language, basic training including sit, time out, loose lead walking, recall, wait, emergency recall, screening group walks and walk management.

If your dog requires one-on-one training I can assist you with finding a suitable trainer. Punk Rock Pups recommends basic training with an accredited member of the PPGA.

Punk Rock Pups has WWC and police clearance

Fully insured

Pet First Aid Trained

Welcome to the gang! So happy you joined!